a broken knight

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literally though I freaked out and threw a book

then I swear I saw the thread it was hanging from in front of my face and fucking fell off my bed

threw a towel

then just turned my fan on and fucking left

sees a spider

throws a book

throws a towel

leaves room for twenty fucking minutes


On a more neutral note though, a few tips about an image. Even if you’re excited to see good fanart you enjoy, take a few seconds and check for a source.


If it’s not in the caption, it might be a click through, in which case, hover your arrow over the image and look for the preview url in your window:


If not that, it could just be a source someone placed in the corner. It used to show before all the updates but tumblr for some reason thought it would be grand to make it invisible.


So open up the reblog screen and check the post by clicking the gear in the top right corner.


It could be there. 

Any of these three things there? Good, it’s sourced. If not, try not to reblog it. Or, if you like, reblog it, but reverse image search it through a program, or a free website like this. Reblog it, and include the source in your caption to help. Or repost the image (if the artist is okay with the image being posted in the first place, really) with the source in your caption.

tbh he wanted me to stay the full 8 hours today but I just

[whisper] no

I bought medicine with the last bit of my remaining money ;;;;

the sinus issues going around are trying to fuck with me


By: あそう


By: あそう

look who came home early tbh

That being said, I need to shower and leave now (since getting gas and checking my mail is gonna eat up some of my time)

Sorry for putting complaints on your dash this morning ;;;

Nevermind, I’ll grab something while I get gas, likely.

I need to consider actually eating before work but I don’t know what I could make and eat in the span of just ten minutes