a broken knight

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unintentionally stays up till 3 am playing saints row 4 with elys????


when your parents keep calling you while you’re gunning down alien spacecraft in your presidential tank

Well not offline, but letting saints row 4/minecraft with elys take my attention instead.

tbh I’m just gonna be mostly offline unless someone needs me here

my president is a rowdy kyouko with boy cut hair, freckles, a scar over her eye, calls you a bitch, and sometimes dances (I almost had her motorboat instead ngl)



tag your fucking spoilers


tag your fucking spoilers

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do you even get hurt during the first mission jesus


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Take two at actually completeing the first mission of saints row 4

trickster-braginsky sent: ♫ What was your very first fandom?

On tumblr probably Another or A-Channel. Likely Another. 

Off tumblr, mm….it depends on when I even became aware that fandoms were a thing. Probably Negima. Unless I wanna count Shaman King.