a broken knight

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its 4 am and my emotions just proved irrationally volatile at the smallest jumped conclusion tbh

ijust need to sleep i just don’t think I got enough last night and my head’s messing with me

nn gnight

We never forgot, we just haven’t been able to plan it out with you. ;;

I don’t really seem to have an appropriate place I can discuss it with both of you ;;;;

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my mood dropped really hard really fast

Mmmm when it seems like your possible idea conversations with some rp partners was kind of


by them ;;


I take what I’m given

Also bear in mind they’re older

I never said it was gonna be unaffectionate smut omfg

how about one involving ear nibbles?

but literally almost everything I write involves that at one point or another

no one’s given me smutty sayadoka writig ideas